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Solar Keratoses (sunspots): Signs, Symptoms, Management

In Australia, the sun is much beloved. Our beaches are treasured, our beautiful weather heralded across the globe, and our skies are often clear and blue. The sun has many inherent benefits, including promoting a positive mood and helping to produce valuable Vitamin D in our bodies. But without the proper precautions, exposure to the sun can present a significant hazard to inhabitants of this nation. In Australia, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. Fortunately, it is possible to ... Read more

Be Skin Cancer Aware

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Early Detection is Vital

With the onset of the warmer months now is a good time to get your skin sorted out. Australians’ outdoor lifestyle combined with at-risk skin types are the main factors contributing to our high incidence of sun damage and skin cancer. The South Coast has a particularly high rate of skin cancer amongst retirees. Most people are aware that UV exposure directly causes skin cancer but it is not well appreciated that UV rays also suppress the skin’s unique immune system. People should ... Read more