Dr Andrew Moss

Skin Cancer Specialist Centre


In the interest of staff and patient safety the following conditions of entry apply:

Attendance to appointments is restricted to the patient only unless:
an interpreter or carer is required (simply being a spouse does not apply)
you are a mother with a baby
you are a minor and require a parent to be in attendance.

Do NOT attend if you have a fever, cold or flu symptoms.

You must register your attendance using the QR code on the door or speak to a member of staff to record your details manually.

You must wear a MASK when attending.

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Providing Specialist Skin Care to the Shoalhaven

The Skin Cancer Specialist Centre and Dr Andrew Moss have been providing expert specialist skin care services to the South Coast and Southern Illawarra for 30 years.

About Dr Andrew Moss

Dr Andrew Moss is the director and practicing dermatologist (skin specialist) at the Skin Cancer Specialist Centre in Nowra.

Dr Moss provides specialist surgical and medical services for patients with skin cancers and skin diseases in purpose-built rooms with an environment conducive to consultation and treatment.


Dr Moss is a Fellow of The Australasian College of Dermatologists.

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How We Can Help You

Dr Moss treats patients of all ages, from babies and children, to adolescents and adults. Diseases of the skin are many and varied and Dr Moss will diagnose, discuss and treat these as well as benign skin lesions, precancerous lesions and skin cancers.

Skin Cancers

Sun Spots / Solar Keratoses
Bowen’s Disease
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Basal Cell Carcinoma

Benign Lesions


Skin Disorders

Skin infections
Hair loss
Nail disorders

How we can help

View our services to find out more about skin disorders and cancers that we can diagnose and treat